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New Japan Paradise

New Japan Paradise 2012- 2013

On New Year's Eve, we drew a blue circle on a bag of radioactive waste in Fukushima. If you reverse its color tone, it will look like Japanese national flag. To meet with the real Japan, we shout for the sunrise on New Year's Day with standing on bags of radioactive waste.


Two years after Fukushima dainichi nuclear power plant accident and Great East Japan earthquake, on New Year's Eve, the evacuation area has become a ghost town.Occasionally seen figures are all decontamination workers, fully dressed in radiation protection suit. They were silently cutting down the contaminated plants.

Those plants were put in a massive bin bag, all lined up on road. It looked like an installation.

Walking on the road where you never meet with anyone, and the bin bags lined up on both sides of the road made us feel likewe are on the back side of Japan.

At dusk, the speaker reported the today'sresult of decontamination operation although nobody is in town to hear it. In F town, 0.2 micro sieverts. In the area M, 0.3 micro sieverts.

New Japan Paradise (2012-2013)


震災から2 年。避難指定区域はゴーストタウンと化していた。
たまに見かける人影はみんな除染ワーカーで、防護服に身を包みながら汚染された草を黙々と刈っていた。草は黒い巨大なごみ袋に詰められて、道路沿いにびっしり置かれていた。誰もいない町の夕暮れに、町のスピーカーが今日の除去作業によってどれだけ放射能数値が減ったかを発表していた。F町 0.2マイクロシーベルト。M区域 0.3マイクロシーベルト。ここは見えないものが多すぎる。


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