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    A house in front of a place where many pigeons gather to eat coconuts



 Next to the house is a banana field and someone has a bonfire.



 In front of a house whose roof was blown off by the typhoon.



 In front of a house whose roof was blown off by the typhoon.



 Near a house with many white dogs with the same face.

Ambiguous landmarks

曖昧なランドマーク (2022)







Ambiguous landmarks (2022)

In the Philippines, an online shopping site called Lazada is very popular. It is very useful because products that cannot be bought in the countryside arrive in about five days. However, there is a problem: there are no accurate addresses in the rural areas of the Philippines. So, on the day the package arrives, the delivery person calls me every time.

They will always ask, "I just came by your house, where is your house? Tell me the landmark.”

Of course, there are no landmarks in the countryside, so I always tell the delivery person what I see.

"The house in near the vacant lot with lots of pigeons eating coconuts.”

"The house next to a banana field with a bonfire.”

Then somehow the package arrives.

Those ambiguous landmarks are kind of nice.

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