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Walking with a Drop of Ocean



海水, ガラス鉢

海を一滴、指先に乗せて、じっと眺めてみたら、この小さな一滴もやっ ぱり海なんだと不思議な気分になった。天気がとてもよかったので、 海を指に乗せたまま、しばらく散歩をしてみることにした。私は小さ な海に初めて出会うし、海は大きな建物や花と初めて出会うかもしれ ない。歩くたびに、指先に乗せた海がキラキラと揺れた。 あなたも一滴の海を指に乗せて、散歩してみませんか。


Walking with a drop of the sea


sea water,glass bowl

I placed a drop of the sea on my fingertip and gazed at it intently, feeling a sense of wonder that this tiny drop was still the sea. The weather was so nice that I decided to take a walk with the sea on my finger. It was my first time meeting this tiny sea, and perhaps it was the sea’s first time encountering tall buildings and flowers. With each step, the sea on my fingertip sparkled and swayed.

Would you like to try walking with a drop of the sea on your finger too?

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