Utsusemi Crush!

Utsusemi crush (2017)


The cicada is an insect that spends 7 years underground. On their seventh summer they rise to the surface of the land and take off into the sky leaving their cast-off skins. After this they die in just a week.


The Japanese 1000 years ago called this ephemeral living's cast-off sukins "utsusemi."

This word does not only define to being the cast-offs of the cicada, but also holds the meaning of reality, and this world and people living in this time in Buddhism. The Japanese have resembled the ephemeral life of the cicadas to people.

Now it is 7years since the Great East Japan Earthquake which brought a major earthquake and giant tsunami. The cicadas born in 2011would finally take off this year.

Reconstruction in the disastered areas will show a steady progress and the cicadas should fly one by one into the sky leaving their cast-off skin. Right now, when various things are attempting to be reborn at this disastered area, we collected the cast-off skins and had them crushed by the people living here. The moment they crush the cicadas'cast-off skin, we ask them this question:"what dou you want to be in your next life?" To be reborn means to die once. Through the ritual of crushing the utsusemi, we will rethink about this world and death.

空蝉Crush! (2017)




2011 年に未曾有の大津波の被害を受けた宮城県石巻市もいまでは着々と復興が進み、震災の年のセミが抜け殻を残して空へと飛び出していく。 今、色々なものが生まれ変わろうとしているこの場所に住む人たちに、 蝉の抜け殻を握り潰しながら 「もし自分が生まれ変わったら」を想像してもらう。


私たちは”今”のなにを悔い、”次”になにを願うのだろうか。 抜け殻を潰しながら、終わりの先のはじまりを考える。