The Story of Making Lies

The Story of Making Lies 2015 

We made this work with people who can’t go back their home because of the nuclear power plant accident in Fukushima and still live in temporary housing. We asked them to remove barricades that block the way to home with Photoshop. Those barricades are removed on the screen, however the conversation while removing shows us invisible barricades that stand between the past and now.

ウソをつくった話 (2015)

福島の仮設住宅に住む帰還困難者に、故郷へと続く道を封鎖するバリケードを photoshop で消してもらう映像作品。 データ上のバリケードが消されていく一方、作業中に交わされる会話は過去と現在の間に立ちふさがってしまった見えないバリケードを浮き彫りにしていく。