The Story of Re-creating Walls

The Story of Re-creating Walls 2017

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In 2011, about 20.000 people had been killed by huge tsunami in northeast Japan.

A seawall which is 400 km long has been built against upcoming tsunami there.

Nobody can see the sea anymore because the seawall is 10-20m high.

While asking what they think about the seawall and what kind of future they want, the residents who live in the town where the wall recreate the town for town they want by photoshop.

壁を変えた話 (2017)

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そんな壁が完成しつつある町の住人たちに、防潮堤のことをどう思っているのか? どういう未来を望むのか? そんな話を聞きながら、フォトショップで自分の望む街に作り変えてもらう作品。