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Rhythm of Survive

Rhythm of Survive 2015

While ago, I went to Jukai (The Sea of Trees by Mt Fuji) and found a person who hanged himself.I freaked out and screamed, "I'm so sorry" again and again. 
I also said, "It's not your fault. It must be the outer world that has done something bad." 
I'm not sure if what I said was right.But one thing for sure is that we still thrive in the outer world.

Later on, I brought the rope back in town and played rope-jumping with people. Some coudn't jump at all. Some avoided to jump. The other one was good at jumping, but at some point he suddenly stopped.
This is the survival rhythm for everyone.


生存のリズム 2015

このあいだ、樹海で首をつった人を見つけました。 おもいきり気が動転して「ごめんなさい」と何度も叫んで「君は悪くない、悪いのは外の世界だ」と必死に呼びかけました。



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