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She Was Just an Ordinary Girl Who Jumped Off

She Was Just an Ordinary Girl Who Jumped Off  2011
Delay certificate, photograph

I remember clearly, when I just moved to Tokyo, that the fully packed train I was in suddenly stopped.
"We are rescuing the injured person. Restoration is not yet planned."

The guy next to me mumbled, "Damn it" and clucked. This made me realize that I'm in Tokyo now. Until then, I never knew that you can get a delay certificate when a train severely delays. In my hometown, train only stopped because of natural disaster. Anything get hit by train was a dog or raccoon.
"You become professional by running over 3 people" said the would-be JR staff on the Web. I thought, what a scary city Tokyo is.

On my 5th year in Tokyo, I started to understand the hatred toward people who stops the trains.
I guess you must become ignorant to the possibility that the cause of delay might be someone's death when the train stops everyday.A piece of paper, "delay certificate" proves the fact that the train stopped. One's death becomes a paper and handed to thousands of people. People immediately get rid of it.This is how it works.

When I was tidying up my wallet, I found a delay certificate I got from a station staff. Even without realizing, I possessed the trace of someone's death in my wallet. I searched what happened on that day on the internet and found out that a woman in age of 20s jumped off the platform.
I could see a figure through a piece of paper. Since then, I started to collect delay certificates.

With a collection of delay certificates in my hand, I went into the town. I decided to leave the memory of delay at the scene, thinking about the girl I don't know

*delay certificate = a piece of paper you receive when a train delays. It shows the time and date of delay. The design is different in every railway company.

んでったあの子はいわゆるフツーの女の子 (2011)

上京して間もなくの頃、始めて乗った満員電車が緊急停車した時のことを鮮明に覚えている。 「現在負傷者の救出にあたっております。復旧のめどは立っておりません。」
横に居た親父が「ふざけんな」と小声でつぶやき、舌打ちをした。なるほどこれが 東京かと思った。電車が大幅に遅れた際に遅延証明書という紙が配られることを、この時に初めて知った。生まれ故郷の田舎町では自然現象以外では電車は停まらな かった。轢かれるのは大抵タヌキか犬だった。「3人轢いて一人前」ネットで自称 JR 職員がそんなことを語っていた。東京は恐ろしい所だと思った。

東京在住も5年目になり、電車を止める人が悪者だという認識もなんとなく理解で きるようになった。毎日のように電車が止まれば、その先に人の死があるかもしれ ない可能性なんて気にしなくなっていくだろう。そして電車が止まった事実は1枚 の紙である" 遅延証明書" によって証明される。人の死が紙となり、何万人にも配 られ、すぐに忘れさられる。そういうシステムでまわっている。



いつのまにか大量に集まった遅延証明書をもって、街に出た。そして遅延 の記憶を " 現場 " に残すことにした。とんでった見知らぬあの子を思い浮かべて。

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