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Missing Sun 

The sun in a palm (2015)

In 1991, the mural made by Taro has been demolished with the Old Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building where the mural was placed. The mural was embedded with the building, so it was impossible to save the mural by moving it. The sun that does not withdraw, looks like Taro himself. Although because of that, the sun was destroyed. In Toshiko's diary, it says right before the 'Wall of the Sun' was destroyed, Taro stroke the wall. That was an event happened five years ago before Taro died.

Today, we will evoke the appearance of the 'Wall of the Sun' on the day that was demolished. The sun that was broken by the power that cannot resist, is no longer the dead. Those shards can be our arms to resist. 
We all, right now, need those kinds of arms.

手のひらに太陽を (2015)
コンクリート ペンキ スプレー



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