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The Human Character

The Human Character  2013


The Chinese charter for the word "human" is "人," which always is taught at school with the same saying, "the character 'human' represents how one person and another are holding, supporting each other."

The phrase, "We must support each other!," once was a national slogan after the catastrophe in 2011, but it is forgotten from people's mind by now. Nobody is conscious about how to settle the nuclear problem nor the reconstruction in the damaged area, but does refuse to eat food from Fukushima Prefecture. There seem to be some degree of unspoken prejudice around this issue.

The whole place, around the power plant, may no longer be inhabitable, yet, there may be almost nothing that we can do.

So, I wrote the letter, the "human (人) character," onto plies and mountains of rubble and wastes, while repetitiously speaking to myself, "the word ''human' is made with two people supporting each other," on and on, and on.

* There were more than 1,000 people killed by the Tsunami in this district, and more than 200 still remain missing.




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