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Like howling to the farther world 

Like howling to the farther world  2013

That day the  Great East Japan earthquake hit Japan at 2011.March.11th, and when emails and phones were completely shut down, Twitter was the only available communication. All sorts of messages like "I'm safe" or "Is everybody OK?", or even "Where is electricity available? Is the train moving?," spread through the internet that day. Everybody was shouting out towards somewhere about something, just like the wolves howl in the woods to communicate.

We realized wolves can tele-communicate without electricity, and so, we tried to howl as the they do. What we discovered was it was fairly impossible to deliver our voice to a distance location.

The video records us practicing and the actual howling we did in that disaster area in Fukushima.

遠い世界を呼んでいるようだ (2013) 




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