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Somebody here

Somebody here  2013
photo / fingerprint / fingerprint collating kit 

Summer of 2013 was the time when parts of the evacuation zone in Fukushima, mostly along the coastline and around the Fukushima Power Plant, became freely open to the public. The towns were exactly the same from the time when the Tsunami hit, just like the whole city was vacuum-sealed.

We found some clothes in the dryer in a laundromat being left there over 2 years.
We saw thick finger grease on a window glass of an abandon car washed away by the Tsunami.

Nobody can live here, and nobody really is here. In a town filled with absence, we collected fingerprints and traces of the people who once was there.

ここにいた誰か (2013)
素材:紋/ 指紋採取キット




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