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Making a Perfect Donut

Making a Perfect Donut



I made a plan to combine the American donut and the Okinawa's donut for making a perfect, holeless donut. But it was very hard.

This is story about a donut.

But it is not just a story about a donut.

It is story about politics, About a history about a belief and a love.

But of course it's about the donuts.




アメリカのドーナツと沖縄のドーナツを合体させて 完璧なドーナツを作る、というプランを立てた。しかしそれはとてつもなく大変なことだった。









A video work made in Okinawa, which suffered extensive devastation in World War II. Even to this day, U.S. military forces are stationed in Okinawa, where their continued building of military base facilities has become a critical social issue. Making a Perfect Donut documents a project that asks the question, “If one was to combine an American donut with its hole in the center, and a round shaped Okinawan donut; wouldn’t that be a perfect, holeless donut regardless of which side of the military fence it is seen?”


The video consists of two parts. The first part of the video entails asking the above question to people who are affected by the military base in different ways, and who have complex emotions towards the base. The people who were asked include: the leader of an organization that opposes the construction of new military bases, the director of a private anti-war museum, a mixed-race comedian whose father is a U.S. soldier, and the owner of a company that does construction work for new military bases. The second part entails negotiating with the U.S. military managing staff, and actually creating a perfect donut across the fence. 



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