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©シアターコモンズ’22.  撮影:佐藤駿

The Apocalypse of Women

The Apocalypse of Women  


Distributed Artwork

There are many stories about the end of the world, in myths, prophecies, science fiction etc... But most of them were written by men. When I realized that, I wanted to take back the end of the world in the hands of women.


I interviewed various women and created stories about the end of the world based on the anxiety they spoke. Then I hid the stories in cookies and mailed them to the audience.


Note:The work was delivered to the audience by mail. When you open the box, you will find cookies. When you eat the cookie, you will find a piece of paper with a phone number written on it. When you call that number, you can hear the story of the end of the world. I wanted the audience to hear the voices of the women through the act of receiving, eating, and listening.









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