The tiger eaten by pigeon

The tiger eaten by pigeon(2018)


This video is about a tiger eaten by a dove which is symbol of peace.

80 years ago, when the Japanese military marched upon the other Asian countries, did you know that these soldiers had tigers wrapped around their bodies? These were no ordinary tigers. These were tigers embroidered by having 1,000 women stitch 1,000 thread knots into cloth belts which the soldiers wore around their waists. These tigers would race throughout Asia, killing many, and dying in great numbers. I wondered if there was a way for me to somehow undo these tigers of each of their cursed threat knots. But I could not undo their curse. So who could accomplish such a task? Then it came to me. What about the symbol of peace, the dove? Perhaps the doves which live in these lands once invaded by Japan might take on the task of undoing these curses. And so, I decided to ask this dove to eat a tiger.